Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Canon Announces New Canon 7D...So What?

I heard the announcement regarding the new Canon 7D today. Apparently, the name is confusing people because many think it's the new 5D. Well, it turns out it's closer to the new 50D, because it's Canon's latest APS-C sensor (1.6x crop factor) DSLR, which is like the 10D, 20D,...and 50D that preceded it.

So, why did they leave the multiple of 10s naming convention? Probably just to indicate a significant "break" with that line in terms of technology and capabilities.

It seems that most people are excited about the HD video recording capabilities the 7D has (better than the 500D, comparable to the higher-priced 5D Mark II). But I'm still steeped in still photography and don't care that much about it's HD video functionality.

What I'm most interested in is that they *finally* updated the 9-point AF system (has a single cross-type point in the middle of the 9-point array) that has been on *all* their APS-C sensor DSLRs and on both the 5D and 5D Mark II. It's now a 19-point AF system where *all* the points are cross-type! (Cross-type points are able to use *both* vertical and horizontal edges to lock-in focus.)

In addition, not only are there more than twice as many focus-assist points with 18 additional cross-type points, but the autofocussing system will now have its own dedicated processor. That's right: they've put in dual processors....which previously, was only available in their high-end 1D and 1DS professional series!

One other professional-level upgrade: weather-sealing. Again, only their high-end 1D and 1DS professional series used to have weather-sealing.

There's no doubt in my mind that this new 19-point, dual-processor, AF system--as well as the weather-sealing--will be making its way to the 5Ds quite soon (the 5D Mark III?), and finally put the 5D series at a truly professional level...:-).

You can buy the 7D or get on the shipment received notification list for the 7D at B&H's website. You can read more about the Canon 7D at Canon's website.

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