Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lightmanship is Moving and Expanding!

To better support my expansion plans for Lightmanship, I have moved it to a new server! I will leave the existing posts here at Blogger, but all new posts will go to the new server at www.lightmanship.com. All posts here at Blogger will also exist in the blog archives at the new server.

If you are currently subscribing to the Lightmanship blog via email, your subscription will automatically be moved to the new blog.

In addition to continuing the Lightmanship blog, I will be adding photography tutorials, demonstrations, and software that can be downloaded from the website.

So, keep an eye out for all the new stuff!...:-)

Michael Grace-Martin is a professional wedding, portrait, event, stock, and fine art photographer based in Upstate New York. He is also the author of this blog. All images and text are (c) Michael Grace-Martin Photography. His main website is: http://www.mgm-photography.com/.

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